Blue Luca

High quality CNC plasma cutting for production you can trust.

Our operation employs state of the art CNC tables to deliver your precision cut designs.
We are fully equipped to deliver large production orders with unsurpassed quality.
Industrial grade air treatment ensures the cleanest cuts possible.
Our high end plasma cutters will cut up to 5/8” with sustained quality.
We can bend up to 16ga and are capable of producing complex shapes.

The premier CNC plasma cutting facility with superior quality and high-output production.

Blue Luca provides the highest quality plasma cutting and is capable of handling your largest production needs. We take your designs and provide one-off custom jobs, or large runs of product for your retail supply.

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High-end plasma cutting

We only use top of the line Hypertherm plasma cutting units which are world-renowned for their clean cut capabilities.

Precise bending

We can bend metal up to a thickness of 16ga and up to 48” wide. With our unique 3-way adjustable box & pan brake, we can create complex shapes and bend any depth of object.

Clean air means clean cuts

Our 3 phase ventilation and air purification systems utilize refrigerated and dessicant air driers, which allows us to acheive more precise cuts than possible with water tables.

Special requests

If you need a special item fabricated, please contact us as we are continually increasing our manufacturing capabilities.

Design requirements

In order to produce the highest quality cuts, we prefer to work with DXF files. However, we also accommodate most common vector formats, and in most cases we can work with two-tone bitmaps (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif).

Contact us

Phone: (360) 635-2706



Twitter: @bluelucametal